Coaching availability:

The personal plan is currently CLOSED

One-to-one email coaching to recovery

Personal deprogramming

The personal deprogramming course includes the complete Advanced deprogramming course, plus one month of personal email coaching from Dr L.

You can ask me anything, but examples of useful support include:

  • Discuss your limerence story one-to-one
  • Help make sense of LO's confusing behaviour
  • Adapt the deprogramming techniques to your individual circumstances
  • Help identify specific risks
  • Review your action plan for recovery
  • Plan a purposeful future

The personal plan offers a more tailored programme with guidance along the way, and the opportunity to discuss your specific situation and get feedback from me as an impartial but experienced advisor.

It's not designed to provide individual psychotherapy or relationship counselling, as these require more in-depth and in-person support.

Availability for this course is inevitably limited. If the course is currently closed, you can sign up to a wait list for future access.

What's included:

  • Priority email channel for coaching 
  • Support as you progress through the course
  • Start when you are ready, for a month of ongoing coaching support
  • Weekly check-in emails to review milestones in recovery
  • "Ask me anything" contact whenever you need it (with maximum 48 hour response time)

You have full access to all the course materials the moment you join, but can start the coaching support whenever you are ready. If you need to pause in the middle, that's fine too. I'm here as guide and pathfinder to help you to freedom.  

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